The Galle Literary Festival – Come and experience the literary festival in Galle. The four-day program brings the best Sri Lankan & international authors from around the world. The program includes cooking classes, writing workshops, keynote speakers, exhibitions and walking tours and much more.

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A day at the races
Take to the hills! Join Colombo’s elite and the not so elite racecourse in Nuwara Eliya!
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Sinhala and Tamil New Year
The dawning of the traditional Sinhalese and Tamil New Year is celebrated with religious observances, preparation of sweetmeats, and the people engage themselves in traditional sports and cultural events.
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Vesak Festival the first full moon in May
Vesak is the main Buddhist religious festival in Sri Lanka, commemorating the birth, enlightenment and death of the Lord Buddha. The country is lit up by colourful lanterns and pandals, and religious ceremonies and alms giving are also very common during this season.


Kataragama Festival
The Kataragama festival is another of the major Esala Festivals. Kataragama in the South-East corner of the island is a jungle shrine dedicated to God Skanda and is a popular pilgrim centre for Buddhists and Hindus. Fire walking and the annual perahera in July/August are some of its highlights.

Bellanwila Perahera

Held at the Rajamaha Vihara (Buddhist temple) at Bellanwila, just south of Colombo, the Bellanwila Perahera is a colourful pageant.

July/August (Kandy Perahera)

Esala (July/August) is the seasons of festivals in Sri Lanka and the full moon day of Esala is the climax of some of the festivals. The most magnificent of these festivals is the Kandy Esala Perahera. A spectacular medieval day pageant is held for 10 nights climaxing with the Kandyan dancers and drummers in colourful traditional costumes. Kandyan Chieftains in medieval court dress, more than one hundred caparisoned elephants whip crackers, torch bearers etc., make it an unforgettable experience.

August (Vel Festival)

A highly decorated Vel chariot parades the streets of Colombo annually carrying the weapons of God Skanda from one Hindu temple to the other.


The Hindu community in Sri Lanka celebrate Deepavali - the festival of light.

Galle Film Festival
Walk the red carpet! Galle showcases world premieres, Asian premieres and workshops. For further information see

www.gallefilmfestival.com or e mail info@gallefilmfestival.com

Eid-ul-Fitr – End of Ramadan

Golf Championship
11th Sri Lankan Airlines Golf Classic is held in October at the magnificent Victoria Golf and Country Resort, Digana, Kandy.

15 th December

Sangamitta Day
Sri Lanka’s Buddhist community at Anuradhapura commemorate the historic event of bringing the right sapling of the sacred Bo-tree under which Gauthama Buddha attained enlightenment in India.

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